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Tax returns

We offer resident and non-resident individuals a service for preparing tax declarations, annual statements, requests for regularization, assimilation to residents and individualization of taxation.

Tax returns are accompanied by a tax simulation of the expected result.


We meet with individuals to analyze and optimize personal situations.

On this occasion, we establish different simulations in order to compare the different possible regimes and to anticipate the benefits of tax optimization.

Tax meetings
Tax training

Pilgrims and pioneers, for more than 25 years we have regularly hosted tax information meetings for resident and non-resident employees in order to make important information accessible to them and to facilitate all their tax procedures.

Meetings are organized on their own behalf or on behalf of companies, associations or unions.

We also ensure the animation of advanced tax training concerning the taxation of cross-border workers, expatriates and seconded on behalf of companies or professional chambers.

Pro-reactive, we often offer a preview of training modules relating to the implications of new tax reforms in Luxembourg.

Office hours and information
Employee benefits at no cost to your business

In order to better inform individual taxpayers, we regularly set up days, weeks or even months of free hotlines.

Our tax experts regularly write articles published in the daily or specialized press and intervene 2 to 3 times a year on chats on websites such as

Our hotlines and tax meeting services are offered to companies wishing to make life easier for their employees by facilitating their access to information.

We meet your employees within your company in order to advise them on the interest or the obligation to establish a declaration and to guide them as to the choice of the tax system.

This offer is subject to conditions.


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